Fundraising is a way of life for our program. Based on our $200,000 budget, 60 percent comes from fundraising and 40% from student fees. It is a huge priority and we have worked very hard to keep the band fees reasonable and take pride in the fact that our fees are MUCH lower than many other programs in and around our area.

Each year we have offered many fundraisers throughout the year to assist with budget expenses as well as assist students in paying their band fees. Each and every student is encouraged to participate to help maintain the level of excellence this program has sustained now for years. We find we fall short every year on our fundraising goals due mostly to non-participation in even a minimal amount of fundraisers. We cannot stress enough the importance of participating in fundraising events.

Most fundraising activities are set up where 100% of the profits are credited to the students on their ledgers. We then host large fundraising events where 100% of the profits go to the general fund. We also have opportunities for parents to work at the City of Woodstock Concerts in the Park as well as working for Music and Arts to earn money toward their student’s ledger. Fundraising projects are discussed at the booster meetings and the executive committee work sessions which are held the first Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the band room. We encourage you to attend these meetings and welcome your input.

Major Fundraisers

Happening Now

The Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters is requesting a donation any type big or small to sponsor one or all of the band students enrolled in the WHS Band Program. Many of our students are solely responsible for their band fees and could not otherwise participate without fundraising or help from you.  Many of our programs are 100 percent funded by the students and their parents.  You could help support this program and our students by making a donation to the Woodstock Wolverine Band Program directly or for use at one of our fundraisers.The Woodstock Wolverine Band Boosters, Inc. (WWBB) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Every penny you donate is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support of our students!  501c3 – EIN 83-0375101